Lista de Famoso Pessoas nascido o November 30


Nascido el January 13, -0069
Ele morreu August 12, -0030 (aged 38)

Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. As a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general and companion of Alexander the Great. After the death of Cleopatra, Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire, marking the end of the second to last Hellenistic state and the age that had lasted since the reign of Alexander. Her native language was Koine Greek, and she was the only Ptolemaic ruler to learn the Egyptian language.

Winston Churchill

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Nome Winston
Sobrenome Churchill
Nascido el November 30, 1874
Ele morreu January 24, 1965 (aged 90)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura 169 cm | 5'7

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill KG OM CH TD DL FRS RA foi um político conservador e estadista britânico, famoso principalmente por sua atuação como primeiro-ministro do Reino Unido durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ele foi primeiro-ministro britânico por duas vezes. Orador e estadista notável, ele também foi oficial do Exército Britânico, historiador, escritor e artista. Ele é o único primeiro-ministro britânico a ter recebido o Prêmio Nobel de Literatura e a cidadania honorária dos Estados Unidos.

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is the pseudonym of an American serial killer who operated in Northern California from at least the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The unidentified killer originated the name in a series of taunting letters and cards sent to the San Francisco Bay Area press. These letters included four cryptograms.

Halyna Hutchins

Nome Halyna
Ele morreu October 21, 2021 (aged 51)

Halyna Hutchins was a Ukrainian cinematographer and journalist credited with work on more than 30 films, short films and TV miniseries, including the films Archenemy, Darlin', and Blindfire.

Larry Hoover

Nome Larry
Nascido el November 30, 1950 (age 72)

Larry Hoover is an American gang leader, a founder of the Chicago street gang called the Gangster Disciples. Hoover is currently serving six life sentences at the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado. His sentences include a 150–200 year sentence for a 1973 murder; and in 1997, after a 17–year investigation of conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, and running a continuing criminal enterprise for leading the gang from state prison, he received a life sentence.

Ridley Scott

Nome Ridley
Sobrenome Scott
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England
Altura 173 cm | 5'8

Sir Ridley Scott is an English film director and producer. He is best known for directing the science fiction horror film Alien (1979), the neo-noir dystopian film Blade Runner (1982), the road adventure film Thelma & Louise (1991), the historical drama film Gladiator (2000), the war film Black Hawk Down (2001), and the science fiction film The Martian (2015).

Jean de Carrouges

Nome Jean
Sobrenome Carrouges
Nascido el November 30, 1329
Ele morreu September 25, 1396 (aged 66)
Nasceu em France, Normandy

Sir Jean de Carrouges IV was a French knight who governed estates in Normandy as a vassal of Count Pierre d'Alençon and served under Admiral Jean de Vienne in several campaigns against the English and the forces of the Ottoman Empire. He became infamous in medieval France for fighting in the last judicial duel permitted by the French king and the Parlement of Paris. The combat was decreed in 1386 to contest charges of rape Carrouges had brought against his neighbour and erstwhile friend Jacques Le Gris on behalf of his wife Marguerite. It was attended by much of the highest French nobility of the time led by King Charles VI and his family, including a number of royal dukes. It was also attended by thousands of ordinary Parisians and in the ensuing decades was chronicled by such notable medieval historians as Jean Froissart, Jean Juvénal des Ursins and Jean de Waurin.

Paolo Gucci

Nome Paolo
Sobrenome Gucci
Nascido el March 29, 1931
Ele morreu January 1, 1995 (aged 63)
Nasceu em Italy, Tuscany

Paolo Gucci was an Italian businessman and fashion designer. He was the one-time chief designer and vice-president of Gucci. He is credited with helping design Gucci's famous double G logo.

Magnus Carlsen

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen
Nome Magnus
Sobrenome Carlsen
Nascido el November 30, 1990 (age 32)

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster who is the current World Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion, and World Blitz Chess Champion. Carlsen first reached the top of the FIDE world rankings in 2010, and trails only Garry Kasparov in time spent as the highest rated player in the world. His peak classical rating of 2882 is the highest in history. Carlsen also holds the record for the longest unbeaten run in classical chess.

Stephanie Land

Nome Stephanie
Nascido el November 30, 1977 (age 45)

Stephanie Land is an American author who writes about poverty in the United States.

Lijomol Jose

Nome Lijomol
Nascido el November 30, 1991 (age 31)
Nasceu em India

Lijomol Jose is an Indian actress, who primarily appears in Malayalam films. She made her acting debut in the highly acclaimed Malayalam film Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016), following which she went on to act in movies like Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan (2016) and Honey Bee 2.5 (2017). She made her tamil debut with Sivappu Manjal Pachai opposite Siddharth.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Christine Cuoco
Nome Kaley
Nascido el November 30, 1985 (age 37)
Altura 167 cm | 5'6

Kaley Christine Cuoco is an American actress and producer. After a series of supporting film and television roles in the late 1990s, she landed her breakthrough role as Bridget Hennessy on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules (2002–2005). Thereafter, Cuoco voiced Brandy Harrington on Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004–2006) and appeared as Billie Jenkins on the final season of the television series Charmed (2005–2006). She later starred as Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory (2007–2019), and received Satellite, Critics' Choice, and People's Choice Awards for the role. Since 2020, Cuoco has starred in the HBO Max comedic thriller The Flight Attendant and served as its executive producer, which received widespread critical acclaim.

D. B. Cooper.

Nome D.
Sobrenome Cooper.
Nascido el November 30, 1930
Ele morreu November 24, 1971 (aged 40)

Dan Cooper is the pseudonym of an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in United States airspace between Portland and Seattle on the afternoon of November 24, 1971. The man purchased his airline ticket using the alias Dan Cooper but, because of a news miscommunication, became known in popular lore as D. B. Cooper. He extorted $200,000 in ransom and parachuted to an uncertain fate. Despite an extensive manhunt and protracted FBI investigation, the perpetrator has never been located or identified. It remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in commercial aviation history.

Carole Baskin

Carole Anne Stairs
Nome Carole
Sobrenome Baskin
Nascido el November 30, 1960 (age 62)

Carole Baskin is an American big-cat rights activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a non-profit animal sanctuary based near Tampa, Florida.

Rafael Aguilar Guajardo

Nome Rafael
Sobrenome Guajardo
Nascido el November 30, 1949
Ele morreu April 12, 1993 (aged 43)

Rafael Aguilar Guajardo was a Mexican drug lord, federal police commander of the Direccion Federal de Seguridad (DFS) in Mexico, and one of the Juárez Cartel co-founders.


Nasceu em United Kingdom, England

Banksy is an pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director, active since the 1990s. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have appeared on streets, walls, and bridges throughout the world. Banksy's work grew out of the Bristol underground scene, which involved collaborations between artists and musicians. Banksy says that he was inspired by 3D, a graffiti artist and founding member of the musical group Massive Attack.

Jacques le Gris

Nome Jacques
Sobrenome Gris
Nascido el November 30, 1329
Ele morreu December 29, 1386 (aged 57)

Sir Jacques le Gris was a French squire and knight who gained fame and infamy, and was ultimately killed when he engaged in one of the last judicial duels permitted by the Parlement of Paris after he was accused of rape by Marguerite de Carrouges, the wife of his neighbour and rival, Sir Jean de Carrouges. Carrouges brought legal proceedings against Le Gris before King Charles VI who, after hearing the evidence, authorised a trial by combat to determine the question. The duel attracted thousands of spectators and has been discussed by many notable French writers, from the contemporary Jean Froissart to Voltaire.

Chrissy Teigen

Christine Diane Teigen
Nome Chrissy
Nascido el November 30, 1985 (age 37)
Altura 174 cm | 5'9

Christine Diane Teigen is an American model, television personality, author, and entrepreneur. She made her professional modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and later appeared on the 50th anniversary cover alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge in 2014. She formerly appeared as a panelist on the syndicated daytime talk show FABLife (2015–2016). She co-hosts the musical competition series Lip Sync Battle (2015–present) with LL Cool J and serves as a judge on the comedy competition series Bring the Funny (2019–present). Teigen has also authored two cookbooks.

Sara Davies

Nome Sara
Sobrenome Davies
Nascido el April 23, 1984 (age 38)
Nasceu em United Kingdom, England

Sara Davies is a British businesswoman, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is the founder and owner of Crafter’s Companion, a company she started while a student at the University of York. On 23 April 2019 it was announced that she would join the panel of Dragons' Den for its seventeenth series, replacing Jenny Campbell who decided to leave the programme in early 2019.

Rachel Levine

Richard Leland Levine
Nome Rachel
Sobrenome Levine
Nascido el November 30, 1956 (age 66)

Rachel L. Levine is an American pediatrician who has served as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health since 2017. She is a Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, and previously served as the Pennsylvania Physician General from 2015 to 2017. She is one of only a handful of openly transgender government officials in the United States. President Joe Biden has nominated Levine to be Assistant Secretary for Health. She would be the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate.

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